About Us

We "Kiran Prakashan Pvt. Ltd." ("Kiran Publication") is one of the most renowned and largest Competitive Exam book publisher in India. Publishing under our own high-flying trademark, we have positioned ourselves as a credible name among the competitive exam publishers and readers all over India. As a publisher, a great responsibility is entrusted on us by time to shape the intellect of the people, generate productive thoughts and offer avenues of knowledge, which will ensure a flourishing future for all. Books are not merely a business for us but a way of life, destination of enterprise and the origin of our inspirations. We stepped into the publishing sector in 1965 as a partnership firm and have never looked behind since then. It wouldn?t be gainsay if we state the fact that we have achieved many a milestone in the path of progress.

A Brief History

When Mr. Ganpat Prasad Sah (Founder), the great visionary thought about a ?dream work? then only thing that came to his mind was ?Publication?. Years later when we think of writing a successful history of this firm and researched for the same, then we come to know that the inspiration of the founder for that must be the soil of which he belongs, that is Bihar.

Bihar, a place where,

Prince Gautam attained enlightenment and became the Buddha,

Guru Gobind Singh who installed the final version of Guru Granth Sahib which finally became the Holy Scripture and the final Guru of the Sikhs was born,

Maharishi Valmiki original author of the Hindu epic The Ramayana lived,

Kautilya (Chanakya), the author of Arthashastra & Nitishastra lived,

Nalanda and Vikramshila the oldest residential universities were established,

Lord Mahavira, the founder of a great religion, Jainism, was born and attained nirvana;

And a lot more name & places which are associated with the great tradition of spreading knowledge & culture not only across India but across the world.

So, it was quite obvious why a publication like Kiran Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. takes birth at Patna in Bihar more than 45 years ago and later on became a right choice for all those students who are searching jobs in Banking, Staff Selection Commission, Railways, MPSC, GPSC, BPSC, etc.

The Founder and the Chairman, Mr. Ganpat Prasad remains a man with the great ideologies and under his guidance this publication nurtured in such a way that for so many years uncountable numbers of career oriented students are getting success. He never thought about a business but as a true follower of Gandhiji he always dreamt of a smiling Indian and who smiles when he/she gets a good job. Thus he started this tradition named ?Kiran Prakashan? for all those people who are searching for a good government jobs.

The Managing Director, Mr. S. N. Prasad (younger brother of Mr. Ganpat Prasad Sah) is the editor of monthly competitive magazine Pratiyogita Kiran (Hindi) that has shaped the career of thousands of readers all over India. He was awarded with Shri Ramlochan Sharan Puraskar by the then Honorable Chief Justice of Patna High Court, Justice Bimal Chand Basak for his laudable contribution to the world of publication.

he Executive Director, Mr. Shambhu Sharan ?Adesh? (eldest son of Mr. Ganpat Prasad Sah) is the editor of monthly competitive magazine Pratiyogita Kiran (English) was awarded with ?Millennium Gold Star Award 2000? for a very promising contribution in the field of publication. He has successfully brought the publication towards various regional languages like Gujarati, Bangla, Marathi and now heading towards Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi etc.

Our Leaders

Shri Ganpat Prasad Sah, Shri Satyanarayan Prasad, Shri Shambhu Sharan ?Adesh?, Smt. Deepali Jaiswal, Mr. Shamiratan G. Sah, Mr. Saket G. Sah, Mr.(CA) Sanket S. Sah, Dr. Ankur S. Gupta, Mr. Achal S. Gupta

A vigilant human being aspires to achieve. We intend to provide a solid pedestal to youths of today to shape their tomorrow. Today he will perspire, tomorrow he will inspire. Though roots of education are bitter, but fruits are sweet. We have solemn objective in mind to provide qualitative academic expertise to aspiring youths that will boost their moral for stellar performance in various competitive exams. We intend to share every bit of information about different competitive exams to keep them abreast of the severity of the challenge lying ahead. In short we believe in total educational guidance. Our mission is not lackadaisical but well determined.

Our Team

Very expert and experience team of ?Think Tank of Pratiyogita Kiran and Kiran Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. along with hundreds of successful students who are always in touch with us and keep us updated about the latest trend of different competitive exams, changing question pattern and future need of the employers. That?s why we always remain ahead in drafting the exact question pattern for different competitive examinations and prepare very effective Practice Work Books for respective examinations. As it is rightly said, practice makes a man perfect. We are so consistent that most of the coaching classes are directly or indirectly guided by our organization.

Our Motto

Prepare such smart students who become proud of the institution which recruits them.