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Why Prepare Online Tests of Kiran Prakashan

Dream is what thrives us for any efforts we make in our life. We all have some or the other dream in our minds and we run chasing it. We also had our dream and God has blessed us a time were now we can see it as a reality. We are extremely happy to announce the launch of our dream project ? Kiran Online Exam (powered by the Think Tank of Kiran Prakashan, Pratiyogita Kiran & KICA 'which is specialised in conducting online Test as well as offline tests'.

Education is the lifeline of any economy and evaluation is the most important aspect in education. We hear loads of talks and read articles on reducing the burden in education. We wanted to contribute in this noble cause. These days Online tests are gaining an importance and used for entrance exams, recruitment tests, a sizable part in board exams at 10th and 12th level. The previous method of these tests were on written material or OMR sheets. We have worked on providing a computerized solution which can be used globally ? to be more specific ?Error Free online examination software?

Some decided against online tests because students found it difficult the first time. Many said they were more comfortable with a pencil and an optical mark recognition sheet other than with a keyboard and monitor. Some others feared they could face technical glitches again.

It is an online testing solution that provides on-the-spot results, excellent analysis, constructive progress reports, simplified candidate management, exhibits learning level and nurtures improvement process also supports selecting right personnel at the right time.

Kiran Online Tests is for ,

  • Individuals.
  • Educational Institutes
  • Business Organizations

Kiran Online Tests does not intend to eliminate existing educational methods and exam systems, rather; it complements them and supports all types of educational environments and individual learning needs.

Always remember that your real exam will be Online and to master it you must prepare yourself in the same environment.

It is well said that

To win a Battle we must prepare ourself in the same atmosphere

Otherwise a small underpreparation will cost our lives. We also believe that Life and Career goes hand in hand.

Now it is only you who will decide whether to let youeself underprepared of fully prepared before entring the real battle for your successful career.

We would be delighted to know your responses!