Career in SBI, IBPS, other Banks, Railways,SSC, Income Tax Officer/Inspector, Teacher and Many more…?

20 Jun 2015

Are you thinking for a Career in SBI, IBPS, other Banks, Railways,SSC, Income Tax Officer/Inspector, Teacher and Many more…?

Hello Friends

Mobile Exam App : Now you can GIVE hundreds of Solved Papers as well as Mock Tests prepared as per the latest question Pattern @Rs.1/- per set. Lots of free exams available.

Note: You may also give Lots of Free complete Exams on Computer and Desktops. Same user IDs and Password can be used on Mobile Exam or Desktop Exams.

First of all heaps Congratulations to you !

Of course, you all have established yourself as successful, efficient and bright candidates besides limited means and unsupportive circumstances. KICA (Kiran Institute of Career Achievement) prays for your glorious success. May God grant your success the height of Himalaya. Best wishes for you and your all family members.

Now I'm keeping a few things with you. We are also among you and by putting all our efforts we have traveled so far and established a trust among the students and anyone related. Since almost four decades 'Kiran Publication' has been serving with precise and verdant study materials through its magazines , books and guides. Our priority is to provide ideal, up-to-date and exam oriented preparation to our clientele. It simply had benefitted millions of readers. Undoubtedly, our success story is backed by countless experiences, competent research team, strong will and millions of students who kept faith on us. We are proud that we never let anyone down.

An old saying , “a monkey slipped from tree and the unutilised time is of no consequence”. A change with time is an eternal law of nature and who takes this positive change will be triumphant like Alexander. As you all know, these days all Objective exams are either held through 'O.M.R. Sheet ' or  'Online'. Therefore we have also adopted it. It will be a very good exam oriented experience if you are giving 'Mock Tests' the same way. You will also accept that it is always better to follow the same mode during preparation through which the main exam is going to be conducted.

Now a natural human question that will knock your brain would be:  How will it benefit you?

The answer is as follows: -     
KICA (Kiran Institute of Career Achievement) time to time conducts Test Series at various places for most of the forthcoming examinations. The related exam Booklets and OMR Sheets is made available at the concerned local Institute campus. Anyone interested in giving those exams may give them at the institute campus. Thereafter, the checking will be done through 'Electronic Machine' and the result will be announced for the same. This will strengthen your preparation. A separate preparation is also made for appearing Online Examinations. Also Prepare your Exams on your Mobile.

Note: Do not miss this golden opportunity of a complete dress rehearsal.


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