24 May 2016

Free speech is still free

The Supreme Court’s recent judgment upholding Sections 499 and 500 of the IPC as constitutionally valid received wide attention, including visible, vibrant, sometimes even vicious criticism. This is itself a sign that free speech in India is not under any threat. Sections 499 and 500 of the IPC which provide a remedy of criminal defamation have been part of statutory law for over 70 years and have neither diluted our vibrant democracy nor abridged free speech

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Why are Antarctica ice-levels increasing? NASA has the answer!

Washington: Climate change and its haunting effects are far from over, however, the ice in the Antarctic region tells a different story.

In the previous year, NASA had released a shocking statement saying that ice in the Antarctic was actually increasing, as compared to the decreasing levels in the Arctic.

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China-U.S. Battle for Global Leadership

When China caught up with Japan in terms of GDP in 2010, that fact attracted worldwide attention and sparked numerous responses and comments from the international media. Meanwhile, another event, probably just as important, which took place a few years later, has remained almost unnoticed.

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