10 Warning Signs of Smartphone Addiction & How to Prevent it

15 Aug 2016

There are reports that a majority of the smartphone users are addicted to their phone. What about you?

Undoubtedly, life without phones is something that is very difficult to almost everyone. We need out phones for daily use such as making and receiving calls, staying in touch with other, and socializing to mention a few.

However, many people fall into the trap by using their smartphone for everything that leads to excessive usage which is harmful in many ways. It is quite easy for people to get addicted to their smartphones as these devices have a lot to offer.

Here are some signs that show you that you are addicted to your smartphone and simple solutions to get out of smartphone addiction.

People who are addicted to using their phone all the time will not be able to survive without it even for a single day. If you accidentally leave your phone at home and realize it only midway, then you might make it a point to go home and get the phone as you cannot be without it. In simpler words, you might feel incomplete without your phone.

Not a day passes without your phone

If you are too addicted to your phone, then there are increased chances for you to take the phone with you everywhere you go. This includes even the bathroom. If you start taking your phone to the bathroom, then it eventually takes a longer time than usual to come out as you will be involved in it.

You take it along to the bathroom

Occasions and social settings are meant to be enjoyed. The purpose of the same is to talk to people around you and not to be glued to your phone. However, you might be glued to your phone doing something or the other instead of interacting with the others.

You use your phone even in social gatherings

You will develop the habit of checking your phone constantly without any valid reason. You will just feel the need to be on your phone though you are not expecting any important phone calls or messages.

You check your phone for no reason

Do you find yourself checking your phone first thing you wake up in the morning or before you sleep at night? In that case, you might be heavily addicted to your phone. Remember that this behavior is unhealthy and it can disturb your sleep patterns if you are checking it in between sleep.

Checking your phone first thing in the morning

Instead of carrying your phone in your pocket or bag, you always carry it in your hand. Keeping your phone in your hand will eventually make you check it constantly as you will have a better access to the screen.

You carry your phone in your hand all the time

Do you find yourself relying on your phone a little too often whenever things get awkward? If your answer is yes, then you are probably addicted to your phone. It can be your savior every once in a while, but if you find yourself relying on it a little too often, then you might be addicted.

You see your phone as a stress buster

Start by setting some guidelines to help you manage your usage. For example, you might make it a goal to wait one hour after waking up before reaching for your phone or keep it turned off during dinner,

Set limits to the usage

Do you feel like you have to immediately respond to every call, text, or email that comes your way? Try letting a call go to voicemail or leaving a text unread until you can give it your full attention. Gradually, increase the number of times you wait until you're truly available to respond.

Let it go unchecked

Identifying your emotional state gives you a clue as to why you're going for the phone. Are you bored, anxious, stressed out, or lonesome? Once you start to understand the feelings that lead you to lean on your smartphone and you can seek other ways to find relief.

Get along with your feelings


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