What are some of the fascinating facts about Maharajas Express?

08 Jan 2016

If we talk about the On-Board facilities of Maharajas Express then we have a long list to cover because the train is providing abundant facilities for its passengers.

So firstly if we talk about accommodation the Suites or the rooms are marvellous, very spacious elegant comfortable and too classy. You will get all the kind of cuisine, international Indian and an electric mix of both . you will get all the meals and all the brands of wines and spirits plus a butler 24*7.

You will not be able to think of having anything extra then what they give you. because they give it there all.

They have 24 hours emergency medical facilities on board, high-speed internet all the electronic facilities I mean everything.

They have on- board bars and lounges, restaurants and wonderful cabins where in the passengers and relax and socialise with each other.

A trip in Maharajas is a must for every travel lover.


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