17 Jan 2016



More highlights of Prime Minister's speech at the launch of the Startup India at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi:


  • Start-ups will be exempted from paying income tax for the first 3 years.
  • No inspection for 3 years of start-up businesses in respect of labour, environment law compliance post self-certification
  • This Startup India movement is not just guided by money or fame.
  • The kind of innovative India we are witnessing today is one of a kind. Reasonable vaccines which reaches maximum countries today are developed by Indian scientists.
  • We need to bring in a psychological change in mindset of youths from that of a job-seeker to that of a job-creator.
  • When we say 'Make in India' we also say 'Make for India.' India is a great market.
  • Start up does not mean a billion dollar company where thousands work. It is about employing even 5 people & developing India. 
  • When I say Startup India, I also mean to say stand up India. India is blessed to be a nation of youngsters.
  • We are moving forward to give opportunities to new ideas in India but quality shouldn't be compromised.






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